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However, much net searching and brochure staring is carried out. nothing quite compares to actually viewing the appliances close up... especially working Under Fire.

A quality stove should last years and years, be relatively low maintenance, and certainly be a pleasure to use and run, whilst also helping cut those exorbitant gas and electricity bills.

With so many stoves vying for attention in the market, seperating the wheat from the chaff is increasingly difficult. Seeing an array of quality stoves under one roof aids customer focus; saving time, money and often costly mistakes.

Merits of each stove can be explained in the showroom environment whilst working models are demonstrated for burn quality, efficiency and controllability.

"If only we had known you were here before we bought one" is a comment we've grown accustomed to hearing. So, having visited our website, make your next stop a visit to our showroom.

Pitcairn Drive, Halesowen, West Midlands B62 8AG

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